Saturday, October 2, 2010

Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

I believe in the power and action of the Guardian Angel.
This last summer I was driving home on the interstate, after doing errands.
In front of me, a truck with a trailer, all of a sudden began to veer; the trailer detached from the came right into my direction...somehow it did not hit me...if it would have, it would come in through the windshield...I could have been "pulverized"...
I am so grateful that my Guardian Angel loves me and cares for me.
So very grateful.
Tell your Guardian Angel tonight how grateful you are that you have been spared from sudden death.


shadowlands said...

A very good reminder Father, my Angel is always nudging me, and I don't always listen, but find out I should of, sooner or later! He has also comforted me, at deeply distressing times.

Badger Catholic said...

I used to pray daily thanking my guardian angel for saving my life so many times, which he has done. Thank you for the reminder Father.