Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christian Martyrs

On October 31, 2010, Islamic gunmen entered a Syrian Catholic Church in Baghdad, Iraq and opened fire upon the congregation assembled for Holy Mass. Three priests were killed. Many laity were killed. This is a martyrdom in our own day.
Please pray for the families of these holy men and women, for their comfort and peace in this most distressing time; please pray for the conversion of their murderers.

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NBW said...

This is a terrible tragedy. I pray for their souls as well as the murderers. A friend of mine had to leave the Middle East because of Christian persecution. We need to be vigilant in our own country; the same could happen here.

nazareth priest said...

Indeed, NBW,...indeed.
What absolute terror, carnage and senseless violence.
As someone from English heritage, I am reminded of the horrid deaths of the English/Welsh/Scots/Irish Catholic martyrs at the hands of the English Crown during the awful years pf Henry VII, Elizabeth I, et. al.
May these martyrs, witnesses to Jesus and His Church, pray for us, that we may have strength and fortitude to "stand fast", no matter what.