Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Week, the Devil and Easter Octave

Easter Monday I was hit with an awful case of bronchitis.

I was in bed until today, coughing myself silly.

We had a very beautiful Holy Week; we celebrated the Sacred Liturgy of Holy Thursday and Good Friday with much zeal, attention and the good graces of assistance from Fr. Joseph Redfern (Pastor of St. Mary, Altoona) and Br. Mark, an Oblate of the Camaldolese.

The chant and liturgical actions, assisted by Br. Mark, Br. Joseph and on Good Friday, Patrick (Paddy) Phillips and Greg (a college student from the University of Eau Claire), were indeed inspiring.

That's why I'm sick as a dog this week.

I'm paying for it, so to speak. I'm always suspect that the Devil will pay "his due" whenever something good happens here. And, this, is just another example of that.

It's okay.

Dying and rising with Jesus make a considerable cost. I'm just paying the price, so to speak.

I'll be okay in a week or two.

I'm just so very grateful that we were able to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord with the kind of reverence, care, and total dedication that He deserves.

In addition, last Monday of Holy Week I was hit with a horrendous virus/worm, you name it.

Put me out of business for a good week.

I was Googling info about "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" which I had viewed in the previous day.

Go figure.


Adoro said...

OH, Father, I'm so sorry you've been hit with Bronchitis - have had that and it's awful!

Prayers for you as you recover.

Incidentally I've seen Emily Rose, too, own the movie and watch it only at certain times. More of a November movie....

There's always a cost to follow Jesus...and it's NEVER what we expect, is it?

credocatholic said...

The 3 o'clock in the morning part of that movie freaked me out!

I pray that you continue your path to recovery. Easter blessings to you and the Institute!

In Christ,
Beth and Ben Nguyen

Badger Catholic said...

Get well soon Father!

nazareth priest said...

Thank you for your best wishes.

I'm going to the dr tomorrow.

I appreciate your kindness and prayers.
My blessing and prayers to you and all of yours'. FrJM