Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ave Maria

In these days preceding Christmas, take some time to reflect, meditate and rejoice in the "new song" that our Lord Jesus Christ has brought to us in His Birth. His Holy Mother loves us all as her children. She is the instrument by which God's Face was revealed to this world grown so cold, dark and hellish. She is the Mother at the crib as well as the Mother beneath the Cross. She shares our joys and sufferings.

Take time to pray a Rosary, reflect before her image, do some kind deed to someone in need in Her honor.

And for your Advent reflection, I offer this video in Her honor:

or this one:

1 comment: said...

Padre: I have no idea how I happened upon your blog. You comment on Abbey Roads and provided insight on Our Lady that was very helpful. And I thank you. This was video was beautiful. Go to You Tube and enter: Gloucester Cathedral Choir - In the Bleak Midwinter. It is a beauty. See you at Abbey Roads. This roundabout world online is a hoot, isn't it?