Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury, December 29

Today we commemorate St. Thomas Becket, also known as St. Thomas of Canterbury, martyred for his stand against civil powers usurping those of the Church. He is a relevant saint for our own day, when secular powers are undermining and taking away civil liberties, especially those pertaining to the Church and the exercise of religious freedom.

St. Thomas, pray for us, that we may remain faithful to God and His holy Church no matter what the cost!

Image from: http://fullhomelydivinity.org/images/Becket%20icon.jpg


Cathy_of_Alex said...

One of my favorite films! I have it on DVD.

I've been to Canterbury Cathedral and I've seen the spot. I traveled there during my dissenting days. I was such a dope I did not realize that the Cathedral was once Roman Catholic. I pray now that one day it will be again. St. Thomas Becket, pray for us.

nazareth priest said...

Cathy of Alex: How great you were able to visit Canterbury...I was not able to get there when I was in England for a very short time.
I love this saint because he was faithful even in the midst of great obstacles. May he intercede for us all!