Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Irish ballad

This touched me very deeply; there is a mystical sense about these words.
We are in a "foreign land" here on earth...we know, instinctively, and by faith, that we belong to another "land", "another home."
The Irish, because of their particular history, know what it is to "leave", to "long" for "home"; their traditional Catholic Faith held them to the "ultimate home"...Heaven.

But now, because of the horrid cases of child abuse that have rocked the Church in Ireland, causing the resignation of bishops, poor morale among the clergy and religious, and in the Fall, a Vatican investigation to the Archdioceses and religious communities that will hopefully bring reconciliation and healing, there is much need of prayer and love for the Irish Church.

Many bishops, priests, men and women religious from Ireland came to the USA and served this mission Church of ours for over a hundred years. Many, many of them are heroic in so many ways; they sacrificed much, leaving home, family and even giving their lives to bring the message of our Lord to this country.

The Church in Ireland deserves our love, prayer and respect.
This song is in honor of the many nameless priests and religious who came here to give of themselves to the poor and destitute, to educate children, care for orphans and all the unwanted. Some of them were even in the Civil War, caring for our soldiers on both sides. They are truly heroes and heroines. May God bless Ireland.

An Irish kinda mood

I'm in an Irish kinda mood today.
Pray for the Church in Ireland; they are in such dire need of our prayers, concern and best.
The lyrics:
English Translation:

Halleluia, halleluia
Halleluia, my Savior
You are my God, I am your servant
Halleluia my heart forever

My love, my God, my guardian, my rock
My fair love, my Lord
My love, my christ, my love, my heart
My love in full, You, my glorious King


My love __, holy in your court
My love, your heart and your fair appearance
My love, your flock, long is your path
My love, my light, my strength, my king


You are my God, I am your servant
Halleluia my heart forever