Monday, August 30, 2010

"The Real Thing"

I was so moved by this video; these Nuns have such beautiful faith, hope and charity.
Pray God we may know this kind of complete fidelity to our Lord and to His Holy prayer, sacrifice, long-suffering, and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Just absolutely astounding and beautiful. Thank you, Jesus!

Thank you, Miss Hillary Jane Margaret White (Orwell's Picnic).

And, in case you missed us; we were on pilgrimage, yeah!

We snuck off to the Alps...well, we followed the Mizzus POTUS and Spain (stopping at Compestella, of course, this being the Jubilee Year of St. James...) and then had tea with Pope Benedict and Msgr. Ganswein...well, maybe not tea, but we might have HAD tea in the near vicinity!!
Just kiddin'.
Another hats off to the great Vincenzo, who for some reason, likes us, and is very creative in his computer work! (Can you tell who is who here? A rosary prayed for you for your correct guesses!).

Source: SANCTE PATER, Vincenzo.

Why is Nazareth Priest "Going Funky"?

Things have been rather busy here; sometimes TOO busy.
But we do take time to celebrate, relax, "go funky"...can you guess why your "blog host" is going funky here??

Source: SANCTE PATER, the wondrous Vincenzo.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Installation Mass of Bishop William Patrick Callahan, Tenth Bishop of La Crosse

H/T to "The Badger Catholic"...his report on the installation Mass of our new Bishop is at:
Thanks, Matt, for your coverage of all that is important in our Diocese.
You do great work for the Lord and His Church!

Mighty Mouse

What three-inch being could possibly set a monastic house on "its edge"...the smell of death and the sewer everywhere?
The fear and loathing of drying clothes in the dryer that smelled like "death"...literally?
Mighty Mouse.
He got fished outta da dryer by our most efficient and manly janitor...(we religious too scared, grossed out, or just plain stupid to take apart said dryer, for fear we couldn't put it back together again...I'm not kiddin'...unfortunately, we're about as capable as "school girls" when it comes to these things...Jesus, send us some mechanically inclined vocations...please!!?)
He's gone now.
But his remnant "odor" remains...the JR Terrier immediately went for the dryer when he got dummy he...but even he didn't know how to explicate said rodent...
Mighty Mouse...
Mighty odor, he.

Eastern Catholic Nuns in Rome

H/T to "The New Liturgical Movement."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do we open our lips to praise the wonders of the Lord?

Today's Gospel in the Extraordinary Form (the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost) is the encounter between Jesus and the deaf/mute man.
The Lord heals him.
It is a sacramental encounter; in our Baptismal rite, we have the "Ephephta"..."be opened" given to the one being baptised.
Do we allow this exorcism of the Evil One, who prevents us from declaring the great works of God in our lives, to be a true reality?
Do we renew this rejection of the Evil One, by the use of holy water, prayers to the Archangel Saint Michael, to our prayers to the Holy Mother of God?
Are we doing spiritual warfare against the Evil One, all his pomps, lies, and promises of material comfort, as opposed to the promise of eternal life, made present by the Death and Resurrection of the Lord?
Use holy water; make confessions of faith, in the Apostles Creed, pray the Holy Rosary...Satan is looking for all kinds of "windows of opportunity" in the lives of those who love the Lord and His Church.
Do not give him free reign.
Renounce him and call upon the saving power of the Lord.
He not only frees the deaf and dumb from their physical limitations; He enables us to praise Him, to tell of His wonders, to make His salvation known to the world!