Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Joy of Summer's Bounty

We have been enjoying the produce of this summer's bountiful harvest: zuchinni, cucumbers, green peppers, sweet corn, egg plant, potatoes, red beets, and best of all, tomatoes.

There is a great joy and thanksgiving in being able to savour the taste of home-grown vegetables, especially the sweet taste of tomatoes fresh from the vine.

There is a tradition of blessing the produce of the summer on our Lady's Assumption Day, August 15th, as well as herbs, as a sign of the fruitfulness of the earth being linked to the fruitful virginal motherhood and discipleship of our Lady, who did not suffer the decay of death because of Her Immaculate Conception and "Fiat" to the Word of God throughout her life. Her fruitfulness is eternal. The fruits of the earth point us to the spiritual fruitfulness we are to imitate in the Blessed Virgin Mother of God.

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