Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Just Learning How to Do This

I just found comments from several weeks past that needed to be published.
Dumb me; I'm just learning how to do this "blog-thing."
Thank you for your comments and your interest in our community. Be assured of our prayers and our gratitude.


Pablo said...

Dear Padre,


I have just discovered your blog while reading another.

The pink colors and scheme make it difficult to see the print, as I need readers anyway.

I am very pleased to see the Shrine to Nuestra Senora you have built to her in Wisconcin.

It is much, much, better than that Freemason monstrosity we are forced to endure in the new Basillica at Tepeyac.

May God bless you in your efforts.

I look forward to the purchase of the Christmas Cd.

With assurances of my Holy Rosary prayers on your behalf for all your hard work in the vineyard of our Divine Master, I remain yours truly in Jesus and Mary Immaculate.


Santa Maria de Guadalupe, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.


Adrienne said...

Allow me to fill you in on the important bits about blogging.

Blogging is really the anti-Christ. It will suck up your time, keep your blood pressure sky high, and interfere in your prayer time. It is a giant black hole of slothdom, envy, and pride. Other than that - it's a lot of fun...

Welcome to the "other side"...

Adrienne said...

Oh yeah - Pablo is right, Bag the pink. My eyes are already throbbing. Besides, since the guy on Crescat's blog is not your type, neither is pink.

Mary Ellen said...

Aren't blogs fun? I'm always learning something new and my favorite part of writing a post is finding a fun image to go with it.

I'll be checking out your site for the Christmas CD, which sounds wonderful! I love Christmas music and if buying a CD will help in some way, all the better!

Mary Ellen said...

I just noticed on your sidebar that you use're one up on me, I have no idea what "twitter" is all about, and I'm equally terrified of having a facebook account! Blogging always felt safer to me.

And, btw, where have you been the last couple of days? Haven't seen you around the blogosphere. Hope everything is ok.