Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Terry Nelson said...

Hi Father - I haven't seen this yet - have you? It appears to be well done.

belinda said...

Father, I can't wait to see this movie!!

What do you suppose was so special about "those" children? With millions of precious children throughout the world why them?

ProudMilitaryMom said...

NP! Your comment moderator apparently does not like me!
Is this the trailer for a new Fatima movie? I remember watching the Fatima and Lourdes movies in black and white when I was a child!

TraciC. said...

I bought this movie. It is very well made.

nazareth priest said...

Terry: I have not; I really liked this trailer, though.

belinda: I guess these children were open to God; in other apparitions, and through the witness of Mother Teresa who was called to found the Missionaries of Charity, they must have been seen as "the least likely"...God is mysterious; God is so good!

PMM: Sorry, dear!
I've been having some health problems and have been on "hiatus"...don't worry, "we" like you!:<)!

TraciC: Glad to hear it. I hope to view it one day. Thanks!