Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On the Lighter Side

Couldn't resist this!
Monastic hood tip to Mulier Fortis via The Crescat (aka Kat) on Facebook.


Mac McLernon said...

Where exactly did you see this picture on Kat's blog...?

It wasn't here by any chance...?


nazareth priest said...

It was on Facebook.
I will duly note credit to you, MF...thanks!

NBW said...

That's so darn cute!

Terry Nelson said...

Cute! My cats are Catlick too.

Mac McLernon said...

Heheheheh... Thanks! I need all the links I can get!!


nazareth priest said...

Terry: No doubt; they're doing a Catholic rendition of...well... check Terry's blog out for more info: Abbey Roads:<)!

Mac: You rock, girlfriend!
Your blogs are so great...I could never begin to compete...thanks for being there; really.
I love the Church in England (notice I said "IN") forebears were blood is in your earth...I pray for the Catholic Church in England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales every day...I hope I can visit one day soon!