Saturday, May 8, 2010

Anne Marie's First Holy Communion

My niece, Anne Marie, is making her First Holy Communion tomorrow.
She looks so very much like this photo (monastic hood tip to The Crescat)...
she's a real that is destined to be a CEO of some corporation or a Mother Superior (the last option I am praying for!)

My sister, Julie, and her husband, Dan, are great parents...their four children (three boys and Anne Marie) are such great kids. (I'm prejudiced here...I'm their uncle, after all!).

I pray for these young people, all of them, that they may respond to God's call and be what He wants them to be, what He has destined them to be from all eternity.

I love them all so very much!
God is so good!
Never, in my wildest imagination, when I became a Catholic some thirty years ago, did I imagine seeing my nephews and niece receiving Jesus in Holy following Him in the Holy Catholic Faith.

I am so happy!


ProudMilitaryMom said...

Hi NP- I am glad you are here- I pray for you as you pray for me- saw the Josh Groban piece below- thank you!
We found out yesterday the Bishop is pulling our wonderful priest and sending him to another parish. Unfortunately I believe there is some politics going on- this young man has enabled this one of three parishes in town to grow in love and faith to become the most vibrant faith community! (With parishioners deserting the other two parishes in droves to attend the welcoming worship community)
{sigh} Now where shall we go?
We do not yet know who the Bishop is sending to replace Fr Rich. Pray for our worship community.
ps- the priest before Fr. Rich all but destroyed this parish- ran everybody off by trying to drag them back to the 1940's. Said previous priest was also (former) diocesan director of vocations- but no longer) Fr. Rich is well known and well loved in our diocese and has done amazing work with the youth- we will miss him if we can't get the Bishop to change his mind.

nazareth priest said...

Prayers, here, PMM.
Glad you like the Josh Gobran song; I've really liked this for several years.
I'm glad they made a video with our Lord so prominent in it.
Thank you for your comments!