Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday before Ascension Thursday

Contemplative monastics, being notoriously "late" because of all kinds of everything:<)!, are, however, not dismissive of the liturgical year; we did, in fact, have the "Rogation Litany and Procession" on the Wednesday before Ascension Thursday (in the "usus antiquior"...the former Usage of the Roman Missal) at our future "Cor Jesu Priory and Oratory"...although it was only the monastic community, the whole Church was present, even if invisible.

Here are photos of the "Litany of Saints" and the opening rites of the Holy Mass.
We prayed for protection against natural disasters, for a good crop, for the needs of Holy Mother Church, for the protection of the faithful against natural disasters, for the propagation of the Holy Catholic Faith...for all of you who read this blog.

We are small...we struggle mightily...but we love the Holy Roman Church, all of Her Traditions, all of you...we depend upon your kindness and generosity in your prayers and in your offerings...we struggle financially, but that's okay; it means we are poor and dependant upon the loving kindness of the Heavenly Father.

We pray for you; we really do.
If you could help us in any way financially, we are most appreciative.
Our website: www.isjoseph.com.
Your help is most appreciated and will be rewarded by our prayers and the help of the Heavenly Father. Many, many thanks. We'll pray, regardless if we have to eat herbs and bread (not likely around these parts...these folks are most generous with food)...but our medical/insurance debts are increasingly difficult...if you could help us in any way, God reward you! Mary help you! Joseph protect you!

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