Friday, October 2, 2009

Color change

I have considered several requests to change the background color (which, by the way, is not meant to be pink but purple in honor of Saint Joseph's color, but anyway)
I hope this is easier to read.
I appreciate the input.
It means people are reading the blog!
I have some planned blogs for later today and tomorrow.
I haven't died or gone AWOL.
I'm still here.
Gosh, that's a lot of "I's",,,I'm supposed to be dying to myself in this vocation...oh well!


Adrienne said...

May God bestow many graces on you for getting rid of the pink ;-)

nazareth priest said...

I think you are right...a more masculine color for Saint Joseph was in order.
I have to tell you that Archbishop Burke kiddingly told us when we were discussing the color of our habits that purple scapular might be "a bit much":<)!
We took his advice!