Monday, October 5, 2009

The Memorial of Saint Bruno, October 6

Tomorrow we commemorate the founder of the Carthusian Order, Saint Bruno.
The life of the Carthusians has been documented in the film "Into Great Silence", which many have become familiar with this most unique form of religious life. I was able, along with Br. Joseph, to see this magnificent work when it was first released in a theatre in CT. The Carthusians are probably the strictest Order in the Latin Church; they practice a complete separation from the world and live their days in the "silence of solitude" gathering for the Divine Office in the middle of the night (when the rest of the world is either sleeping, awake because of illness or trials, or just sinning!) and in the evening for Vespers.
And yet, these monks are the most human in their simplicity, fidelity, and awareness of the human condition.
They remind all of us that "God Alone" is the goal to which all Christians are called.
Their understanding of their life of sacrifice and consecration is "to make Saints, not canonize them."
Very well put.
The American foundation of Carthusians has a website which can be found at the links sidebar (Carthusians in America).


Mary Ellen said...

Wow...a vow of silence! I wouldn't last five minutes.

It's funny because I just wrote a post about the simplicity of faith.

I wish I were able to practice such simplicity. I'm afraid that modern technology has gotten the better of me. :-(

TraciC. said...

I have this movie you mentioned seeing. I was just glued to it when I watched it. It was like watching heaven.

nazareth priest said...

Mary Ellen: As one who, as my mother says, could not keep his mouth shut since he left the womb, I am humbled that God called me to contemplative life...go figure!!

TraciC: I just loved this documentary. The silence becomes a kind of "fullness" after a while when you see the life of the Carthusians being lived so fully, so full of God.
Thanks both of you for your comments!

Gabriella said...

Beautiful post bringing to mind St. Bruno! - We are not aware how much the world needs these monks and monastic priests..

Into the silence is an awesome documentary - I loved it :)