Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saint Teresa of Jesus, pray for us!

Today at Morning Prayer we sang this hymn in honor of Saint Teresa of Jesus (Avila):

Teresa, yet a child in years,
You left your home with heart afire,
To spread abroad the faith in Christ,
A martyr, ready in desire.

A death more gentle will be yours,
With pain far sweeter, yet more keen,
For wound divine will pierce your soul
With its consuming flame serene.

O victim of undying love,
Make our poor hearts in fervor grow;
Protect all those who trust in you,
And save us from eternal woe.

O Jesus, Spouse of virgins pure,
Their happy ranks your praises sing
For ever, with that melody
Known but to virgins and their King. Amen.

(From the Mundelein Psalter; Chicago/Mundelein, Illinois; 2007)

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