Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beauty Brings Joy to the Human Heart

Today our Holy Father met with artists in the Sistine Chapel.
Here is recap of his talk.
We, as iconographers, look to the wisdom and guidance of the Church, especially from our Holy Father, in our apostolate of sharing the fruit of our contemplation in Christian sacred art.


Gabriella said...

I'm so glad the Holy Father continuously brings up this subject. Art, architecture, music, etc. are SO important for meditation and prayer and unfortunately, nowadays, modern art has infiltrated our churches even here in Italy.
The modern church built for Padre Pio in Pietrelcina caused quite a scandal here, not least for the many massonic symbols used as decoration :(

nazareth priest said...

Gabriella: We LOVE Padre Pio here and are sick about that new church.
The new basilica in Fatima is troubling, as well.
May God keep us from more modernistic
churches, esp. of the very sacred places!
The old Basilica at Fatima is just gorgeous; the Fatima children are buried there. We have not been to Pietrelcina, but have seen photos of it.
What more can I say??