Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give Thanks to the Lord Always

The Gospel reading at today's Mass was of Jesus healing the ten lepers(Luke 17, 11-19). Their cry to Him, "Jesus, Lord, have mercy!" brought the Divine Compassion to them and they were restored to health.

But only one of them returned to give thanks.

Leprosy is a horrible disease. It is called "a living death" because the flesh of the one afflicted decomposes while the person still lives causing terrible disfigurement and alienation from the family and community.

Leprosy is a metaphor for sin; the disfigurement of a soul in mortal sin is even more horrible than the physical destruction of leprosy. Only Jesus, the Divine Healer, can restore the soul to life with His Precious Blood, and give the life-source of His grace to keep one from a living death.

We should reflect upon whether we are like the one leper who returned to Jesus to give Him thanks for all that He does for us, all that He provides, or if we neglect to thank Him, especially when he answers our prayers. Today, the day our nation observes Thanksgiving Day, it is especially important that we give thanks, even if we are suffering or in need. The gift of life and love that God so generously gives to us is the reason we give thanks. To be grateful even when things are difficult is a sign of the health of the soul. May we be given this grace and persevere in the darkness descending around us on all fronts.

May the Lord bless our families, our communities, our nation; may the men and women in the armed services who are so valiantly doing their mission in very difficult and dangerous situations receive every grace and blessing. May we know the grateful attitude of the one leper who returned to give thanks.
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Adrienne said...

Happy Thanksgiving, NP....

nazareth priest said...

Adrienne: Thanks! I enjoy your blog very much. God's blessing to you always!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

The story of the Ten Lepers is one of my favorites. Ten were healed but only one was made whole.