Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Recent Visitor

Friday morning as we were about to set out for the Sung Requiem Mass for a friend of our community, we saw this critter sitting on our porch.

He was nonplussed at the presence of humans, sat on our porch in a chair looking very comfortable and ready for a meal.

Br. Joseph said he tried to crawl up the sceen of the window on our porch, looking like he owned the place.

We went to the funeral.

When we arrived home several hours later we thought he was gone.

No such luck.

He was rolling around in the yard on his back, having a good old time.

This racoon looked like he was well fed and was maybe a pet of someone. But we were hesitant to approach him or to let our dogs out for fear he was rabid or maybe would be rather aggressive towards them (or they towards him).

He eventually left; we're not sure where he went or why he stopped by.


Anonymous said...

Ricky Racoon! So did you decide on Francis, Xavier, or Cabrini. We really do live on the wild side!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Seriously, a friend of mine had a racoon try to push her screen door open and get into her house. They are crafty. Watch out! He's probably under your computer desk right now! Next he'll be in the choir stalls at Vespers!

Terry Nelson said...

Cathy is right - he's cute though.

nazareth priest said...

Yeah, we named him (something from my past about naming animals!)...Ricky, Cabrini (it was her feast day, after all!)...
We saw a dead raccoon on the road on the way to town on Tuesday...but confirmed today (Thursday) it was not him/her.
Still, I'm glad he/she is gone. Can't take the risk with the children in the school next door or these awful beasts we call dogs (who would LOVE a scrap!).
My sister who is very experienced in these things (she has dealt with coyotes, wolves, all sorts) told me last Saturday, "Don't get near him!)

Adrienne said...

Raccoons can be pretty wild and woolly! Particularly if they're Protestant.

Except I think this raccoon was definitely Catholic...

Mary Ellen said...

You can always tell the raccoon that if he wants to live in a monastery he will have to be celibate. ;-)

nazareth priest said...

Mary Ellen: I think that's why he left...looked like he wasn't interested in the celibacy-thing (he looked like he was a grandpa raccoon; been around for awhile!).