Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where was the first Thanksgiving?

An interesting article filled with all kinds of religious and historical facts that are relatively unknown in our country.


Mary Ellen said...

I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving yesterday...and I hope you left a few left-overs for the dogs! They work hard to entertain you all year, right? :-)

nazareth priest said...

Mary Ellen: Thank you!
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.
My sister and her family were present at Mass; her husband was the deacon and my nephew the server.
I got to visit with all of them after Mass and see my nephew who is back from college and my other nephews and niece.
And our Thanksgiving dinner was very nice; beautiful table decorations, delicious food and wonderful company.
A great day.
Hope your's was wonderful, as well.
And as for the dogs...they have to wait for the goodies...we abstain from meat on Friday (ALL of us) so the turkey will be distributed tomorrow!!