Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do we open our lips to praise the wonders of the Lord?

Today's Gospel in the Extraordinary Form (the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost) is the encounter between Jesus and the deaf/mute man.
The Lord heals him.
It is a sacramental encounter; in our Baptismal rite, we have the "Ephephta"..."be opened" given to the one being baptised.
Do we allow this exorcism of the Evil One, who prevents us from declaring the great works of God in our lives, to be a true reality?
Do we renew this rejection of the Evil One, by the use of holy water, prayers to the Archangel Saint Michael, to our prayers to the Holy Mother of God?
Are we doing spiritual warfare against the Evil One, all his pomps, lies, and promises of material comfort, as opposed to the promise of eternal life, made present by the Death and Resurrection of the Lord?
Use holy water; make confessions of faith, in the Apostles Creed, pray the Holy Rosary...Satan is looking for all kinds of "windows of opportunity" in the lives of those who love the Lord and His Church.
Do not give him free reign.
Renounce him and call upon the saving power of the Lord.
He not only frees the deaf and dumb from their physical limitations; He enables us to praise Him, to tell of His wonders, to make His salvation known to the world!


Michelle Therese said...

I've been Catholic for 11 years but I'm really only just now beginning to understand prayer and things like how to use Holy Water and how my sins can block God's grace.

If we Catholics don't know this... how can we be convinced to pray more often?

There's so much that just isn't taught any more. :-(

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Material comfort is not the wonderful thing that many think it is!

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Thank you, both, Coffee Catholic and Elizabeth M. for your comments.
We're in a spiritual battle;
but the Lord gives us all kinds of helps and consolations along the way.
Isn't it great to be have His blessing, His Mother's care and intercession, the Saints and Angels as our friends?