Friday, August 13, 2010

Mighty Mouse

What three-inch being could possibly set a monastic house on "its edge"...the smell of death and the sewer everywhere?
The fear and loathing of drying clothes in the dryer that smelled like "death"...literally?
Mighty Mouse.
He got fished outta da dryer by our most efficient and manly janitor...(we religious too scared, grossed out, or just plain stupid to take apart said dryer, for fear we couldn't put it back together again...I'm not kiddin'...unfortunately, we're about as capable as "school girls" when it comes to these things...Jesus, send us some mechanically inclined vocations...please!!?)
He's gone now.
But his remnant "odor" remains...the JR Terrier immediately went for the dryer when he got dummy he...but even he didn't know how to explicate said rodent...
Mighty Mouse...
Mighty odor, he.


me said...

Apparently there's an old superstition that a mouse in the house, is a sign of souls in purgatory looking for prayers. The really weird thing, to me, about this tale, is that when I started to regularly pray for the dead, I had an infestation of mice!!!

Adoro said...

Hmmm....I'm not a bit mechanically inclined so I'd be no help. I am really good at looking at stuff and saying, "Yup! It's broke!" or "Yup! It sure is dead!" (Incidentally I wouldn't have a problem removing the said dead thing if I had access to it. Not that easily grossed out.)

Sorry 'bout your dryer and mouse buddy... lol.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it fixed. Dead mouse bad.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Thanks, y'all!
shadowlands: We're on it...prayers for the poor souls...didn't know about this; good advice.
Adoro: said mouse has been properly disposed of...we had two bunny rabbits last Fall who wanted to get warm and ended up in the dryer...what is going on here?:<)!

Adoro said...


I suspect you need a screen that goes between the siding (or whatever you have) and the dryer vent. That will keep the critters out.

I bet you can find out exactly what you need from you local animal control resources, even Humane Society should be able to answer that question.

They obviously aren't coming in from the inside!

So...would you accept me into your community even without mechanical ability? ;-) lol!

Adoro said...

Shadowlands ~ You are making me afraid to pray for the Holy Souls! I can't afford an exterminator!

Badger Catholic said...

That stinks!

Terry Nelson said...

You need a dryer vent cover if you don't have one - unless they come into the laundry oom and get in that way? Anyway - I would have called 911 to get the mouse out! They are cute in the field but not in the house.

belinda said...

Father, when you take something apart remember to take many detailed photos on your digital camera so that you can reference it to put your project back together.

I'm praying for you. I'm concerned about your health.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

I'm scared stiff of those creatures! Found you on Terry's blog..glad if you link to me..will add your super blog to mine!